Mila's Pregnant! Like, For Real, For Real!

by Lia Beck

In case you were still not-so-sure about whether or not Mila Kunis is pregnant, Mila Kunis confirmed that she is pregnant. On Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kunis spoke about both her pregnancy and her engagement to Ashton Kutcher, so those of you who are extremely doubtful of the media can rest easy; Kunis has confirmed the news herself.

Kunis didn't open up about details like the baby's gender or the name she and Kutcher already have picked out, but she did tell DeGeneres, "We actually were able to hide it for a very long time." Kunis did not say how long she means, so just assume she's anywhere from two to ten months along. She did say that the baby will be born this year. Thanks a lot, Mila! Now we know that we aren't being offensive by saying your look pregnant when you aren't, but what if we say you look five months along instead of four? We don't want to insult your baby!

Kunis did go into detail on her sauerkraut cravings. She explained that she's tried all of the brandsand seems to have a preference for Bubbies. So if you read in the tabloids about Kunis' love of Vlasic it is a lie!

The actress also mentioned her engagement and said that she was able to wear her ring for two months without it being photographed or anyone writing any stories. She thinks it's because there have been stories about her being engaged for so long that when it really happened, no one caught on.

Well, now we know the truth. Kunis really is engaged and having a baby with Kutcher so we haven't just all been commenting on her bloat for the past two months. Congrats to us!