8 Aidy Bryant 'SNL' Sketches That Prove She's the Funniest Cast Member — VIDEOS

The women of Saturday Night Live have been killing it recently, but there’s one SNL cast member who is consistently making me laugh harder, louder, and longer than anybody else, man or woman: Aidy Bryant. After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, Bryant went on to work as both a writer and a performer at Second City. She joined SNL in 2012 as a featured player, but was quickly promoted to the show's main cast just a year later. At only 27-years-old (she celebrated her birthday this past Wednesday), Bryant is one of the youngest cast members on SNL.

Beyond her impeccable comedic timing, knack for physical comedy, and hilarious facial expressions, Bryant just has “it” — the X factor, if you will. Whether she’s making a brief cameo during the host’s opening monologue or playing the insecure Morgan during her recurring Girlfriends Talk Show sketch, Bryant makes a lasting impression each and every time she’s on screen. Because it’s Friday and we could all probably use a good laugh, let’s take a look back at some of Bryant’s best SNL sketches so far this season. I can almost guarantee that you'll fall in love with Bryant just like I have.


Two broken arms can't stop Helen from enjoying a nice dinner out with friends! Bryant's over-the-top facial reactions to everything her husband Alan does for her are what really make this sketch. "Allen, you cannot expect me and everyone at this table to think that when I said, 'Cut it,' I meant for you to make yourself pass wind!"

Girlfriends Talk Show: Melissa McCarthy

In this installment of Girlfriends Talk Show, we finally get to meet Donna Ruth Baker, the divorcée Morgan spends most of her time with. Unfortunately, Donna has undergone a major makeover and is now obsessed with her new boyfriend. Naturally, this puts the prude Morgan on the defensive: "I'm dating the woman I'm becoming and I love every moment with her!"

Peter Pan

This is one of my favorite sketches of the season. Bryant's surly Tonkerbell character (Tinkerbell's half sister) totally makes you forget all about just how awkward host Jim Parsons is here. "You just got Tonk'd!"

Girlfriends Talk Show: Josh Hutcherson

Morgan has a major meltdown when her co-host reveals that their show has a surprise guest: Trevor Masterson, Morgan's secret crush. Morgan's word vomit as she tries to "keep it cool" is incredible: "Um, you know, theres a study somewhere that weird people are the best at romantic-bedtime-for-private-under-the-sheet-fantasy moments." What??

Weekend Update: Worst Lady on an Airplane

Bryant stops by Weekend Update as 'The Worst Lady on an Airplane' to give holiday travelers some important flying tips: "Tip number one: luggage is for losers! You won't see me trying to jam a suitcase in the overhead bin, I carry everything in loose plastic bags!" Also, she suggests smuggling chicken with broccoli from Panda Express onto the plane in order to "cover up" the smell of your farts.

Do It On My (Twin Bed)

Lil' Baby Aidy nabs the weirdest and best verse in this song about being home for the holidays and doin' it with your boyfriend on your childhood twin bed: "C'mon boy, we gotta do this quick, my folks are at the pharmacy, my mom is sick. She got a cough, she got it from Jean, and now it's a whole thing with Jean."

Dance of the Snowflakes

Annette’s ridiculous smile, her insanely wide eyes, her festive neck shimmying — Bryant is the funniest dancing snowflake in this community theater Christmas pageant gone horribly wrong. “My sister is getting married right now and I chose to be here. Oh, kill me. Just put a bullet in my skull!”

Dongs All Over the World

Admittedly, this sketch is definitely a group effort, but Bryant has a great bit near the end where she tries to casually explain to the woman sitting next to her on the plane why she's flying to Istanbul: "I'm actually an 'International Nasty Girl' and my friends and I are doing every dong in the world." Needless to say, the woman is not impressed.

Don't forget to catch Bryant on a new episode of SNL this Saturday with host Charlize Theron and musical guest The Black Keys!

Image: NBC