Adios, 'Community'

by Rachel Semigran

And so the time as finally come, dear readers, Community has officially and finally been canceled by NBC. The on-again-off-again cult comedy was given the axe by NBC on Friday afternoon. Though fans were hoping for a sixth season and a possible movie after an uproar caused by the show's "hiatus" forced network execs to change their minds, it looks like those plans will also be squashed. Even though the meta-comedy was much beloved by its viewers and critics, it suffered from low ratings and regular changes in its air time. Try as they might, the show's fans could not save the series. This past season, the show only averaged 3.8 million viewers.

It's a shame to see Community go as NBC has been lacking in its original comedy programming. As it stands Parks and Recreation is the best thing the network has on air, but we also know that there might only be one to two seasons left in the charming flagship series. However, since its resurrection, Community wasn't as consistent in its writing or quality as Parks. A lot of viewers also rejected the series due to the behavior of one of its stars, Chevy Chase.

As sad as many may be to see the show go, we are at least left with the consolation that one of the most talented ensembles on television is now freed up to pursue a brighter future with new projects. But to Jeff, Britta, Shirley, Annie, Abed, Troy and even Señor Chang and Dean Pelton, thanks for the memories.