Russell Brand Responds to Trashy Newspaper's Halal Chicken "Scandal" Story in Best Way Possible - VIDEO

Russell Brand may act pretty wacky sometimes, but, when it comes to telling people what's what, he has a good reputation of out logic-ing most people. Remember when he shut down a heckler late last year during his Messiah Complex Tour, by essentially telling them to shut up — but in like the nicest way ever? I don't know about you, but if I was a comedian being heckled on stage while I was trying to do my set, I'd probably react more Dave Chappelle than Brand. Homeboy's pretty zen! So, it's no surprise that when he saw trashy English newspaper (calling it a newspaper is reaching, to be honest) The Sun's latest cover reading "Halal Secret of Pizza Express" in all caps and larger font than even the New York Post would dare to use, Russell Brand totally shut down the manufactured Halal chicken story from The Sun.

"Why is The Sun for two consecutive days doing racist news?" he asks, before launching into an explanation of the story: apparently, The Sun is reporting the OH SO SHOCKING FACT that Pizza Express is serving "only Halal chicken without telling customers." Halal chicken is, of course, a method of preparing chicken that is acceptable in Muslim culture, so the fact that The Sun is reporting this as a shocking fact that people should be outraged over is, as Brand states, pretty damn racist. Of course there's been a lot of conversation about the most humane method to kill chickens for food — or if they should be killed at all for food — and that's a serious discussion that should be had...just not in this case. In this case, the only thing that really should be discussed is the fact that the "scandal" isn't really a scandal at all: it's being blown out of proportion, and yes...really, really racist.

I'll let you watch the actual video to see his hilarious and fairly accurate response — it's better viewed than read about, really — but I will say he makes some good points.

Check out the video below.

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