Hugh Jackman Is Coming Back To Broadway, So Start Saving Your Money

This is pretty exciting: Hugh Jackman is coming back to Broadway! That's right — Wolverine, who is also a song and dance man (Les Mis, while it didn't exactly call for dancing, certainly had a lot of singing) will return to the New York mecca of all things theater for the first time since Hugh Jackman: Back On Broadway in 2011. As a theatergoing resident of New York City, I'll say it for the collective audience: We've missed you, Hugh!

Jackman will star in a play by Jez Butterworth called "The River," which enjoyed a successful run in 2012 in London. He'll play a reclusive fisherman who lives in a cabin above a river. His character takes a woman trout-fishing, and then she disappears, and mystery ensues. Another woman shows up, and the fisherman must reconcile with struggles from his past.

Butterworth's most recent play to land on Broadway was Jerusalem , and that was well received, as it won multiple Tonys. Perhaps this will mean another Tony for the host of the theatrical awards show?

Regardless, even if this sounds incredible (and oh, how it does), you'll likely have to pay top dollar to see the show. It will be a limited engagement, running strictly from November 16, 2014 to January 25, 2015, and it will be in a pretty small theater, The Circle In The Square, which means tickets will be even more limited...which means they'll cost a hell of a lot.

Still, if you're a Hugh Jackman fan, and you're yearning to see his acting chops live on stage, this is your opportunity. He always impresses (full disclosure: I saw him host the Tonys live in 2004!) both on stage and on screen, so expect a pretty great piece of theater.