Ryan Murphy's 'Funny Girl' Is Happening, But Will Lea Michele Star?

Broadway babies, Barbra Streisand fans, and Gleeks alike can officially worship at the altar of Ryan Murphy. As previously reported, Murphy had revealed that he had acquired the rights to the much talked about Stresiand originated Funny Girl. But until now the Glee showrunner kept mum on the details as to when or how it was all going to happen. While Glee is currently putting on a faux, cut-up version of the play in which Lea Michele as Rachel Berry stars, fans are aching to see Michele on the real Great White Way. Well, they're in luck because Murphy has confirmed Funny Girl will happen.

The jack-of-all-trades divulged his plans for the show to Entertainment Weekly saying,

"I've never done Broadway. I've always wanted to. Right now, we’re just sort of testing the waters with different people. Lea and I have made no mistake of our mutual love for that property, so if it could come together at a time that she’d be willing to make that commitment to go back to Broadway — which I don’t know that she is right now — it would have to be the right director and the right leading man.”

So, there you have it. It's definitely happening but considering Michele still has a season of Glee to go and her debut album was just released, it'll most likely be happening later rather than sooner. No fear though, because with something so potentially awesome in their grasp we're sure they won't wait too long. Patience is most certainly a virtue when it comes to waiting for a highly anticipated project such as this.

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