Lea Michele is Remembering Him Today

by Celeste Mora

There have already been a number of tributes to Cory Monteith today. Among a sea of well-intentioned YouTube videos, there have been a few standouts, from an ode to his singing abilities, to a reel of his best Glee moments. The fan love has also been prevalent on Twitter, with a number of supportive tweets for Lea Michele, as well as a long list of "RIP" tweets for Cory himself. Why is the internet remembering Cory on this Mother's Day? Today would have been Cory's 32nd birthday, if he hadn't passed away earlier this year due to overdose.

As touching as the fan support has been on this darkly-tinged Mother's Day, Lea Michelle has also shown that she's remembering Cory today, amid a very busy season of her life. The actress has just released her debut album, Louder , which featured a number of songs about Monteith, and is currently in the middle of the release for her first book, Brunette Ambition. The book has been called "a hybrid memoir, cookbook, and fitness and style guide, sprinkled with lists of favorites, Dos & Don’ts, and fan q&as," and the book tour has already begun to tire Lea out. However, she took a moment to tweet the following, showing that she's never too busy to remember Cory's extraordinary life.