'Star Wars' as a Quentin Tarantino Film? Yep, & It's Awesome — VIDEO

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Star Wars sept-equel, fans may find themselves revisiting the original trilogy — either as a psych-up, or more likely to steel themselves for the potential disappointment — and in so doing, one YouTuber has put his own spin on the series. Or, rather, his favorite director's: Bobby Burns, the man behind Frozen as a horror movie, is back with another re-cut trailer that imagines Star Wars as directed by Quentin Tarantino. From the jangly surf rock soundtrack to the cobbling together of the film's goriest shots, the trailer is pretty darn delightful — perhaps the greatest takeaway being the revelation that Han Solo is essentially already of the Tarantino-verse, the ultimate criminally sarcastic badass. Strolling off after shooting Greedo? Very Vincent Vega.

In fact, when you think about it, a Tarantino-directed Star Wars would be kind of brilliant — lengthy digressions into the minutiae of Jedi pop culture, climactic Mexican standoffs with light sabers. I hereby nominate him to helm the next of what I'm sure will be many, many more sequels to come. Change.org petition, anyone? Who's with me?

At the very least, though, this cross-genre mash-up gives fanfic writers a bevy of new material: stories about Leia overdosing and adrenaline-ing back to life, Obi Wan caught in the middle of a heist gone wrong, Han and Chewy cruising through the galaxy, debating the intimacy of foot massages. Much fresher than pure canon fare — and certainly with more suit-wearing 'tude.

Check it out, below:


Image: Lucas Films