Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica Thinks Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Needs a Reality Check

The feud between Ken and Barbie is flaring up once again, and it's not even about who gets the Barbie Dream House in the divorce. Justin Jedlica, better known as "the human Ken Doll," is speaking out against "human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova: Jedlica spoke to Us Weekly about his feelings about the human Barbie, and despite Jedlica's desire to also look like a real-life doll through extensive plastic surgery, he doesn't sound that compassionate when it comes to human Barbie.

Jedlica criticized Lukyanova's "dead mannequin" image, which he insisted wasn't anything to write home about — according to him, she lacks personality or spark and instead prefers to stay mum like the Barbie doll she's emulating. He also criticized Lukyanova's comments about living off of light and air, (referred to as a, wait for it, "Breathatarian") stating that it was promoting anorexia. He said that he was appalled by the human Barbie's comments about "race-mixing," which he saw as a blatant example of intolerance. Though she may base her image off of Barbie, Jedlica insists that Lukyanova's should be no one's role model.

Jedlica told the magazine:

You don't speak, you don't laugh, there's no personality. So, why are we giving you the time of day? As an out gay male, as a stepfather of two kids, you kind of start to think . . . what are you using your celebrity for?

This isn't the first time that Jedlica has spoken out against the human Barbie. Back in April he told GQ that the human Barbie simply "wasn't that interesting" because she used stage makeup to enhance her doll-like appearance, as opposed to what he did, which was get as much plastic surgery as allowed. Personally, I think that's the least troubling thing about the human Barbie. Lukyanova can do whatever she wants to her own body, but the second she starts telling me that I don't need to eat food to survive is when I jump off her crazy train. At least Jedlica is levelheaded enough to realize that Lukyanova is using her celebrity to promote things that are absolutely ludicrous, if not dangerous.

You can watch the full interview with Jedlica here.

Image: Screengrab of Us Weekly Video