'Once Upon a Time' Brings On 'Frozen' & Leaves These 4 Plot Lines in the Dust

Rejoice, Frozen fans: Once Upon a Time is officially bringing Elsa on board for Season 4. The finale of the fantasy show revealed that the Snow Queen will be making a very special appearance in Storybrooke, making her the first Frozen character to grace the small screen. While we don't know what Elsa will be doing on the fairytale mashup, it's exciting to see Disney's newest princess hanging out with the original fairytale characters like Snow White and Prince Charming. Hopefully this version of Elsa will use her icy powers for good and not evil.

Elsa may be a brand new character, but her arrival says something very important about Once Upon a Time. Fans have longed for a connection to the Frozen universe on the ABC show ever since they first heard "Let It Go," which means that the writers are listening to what they want. While it's awesome that Frozen fans (myself included!) are getting a dose of Elsa on Once Upon a Time, there are a lot of things that the show could do that they still haven't worked into the story.

Here's what Once Upon a Time needs to work into its fairytale-heavy plots by the end of the series.

An LGBT Fairytale Couple

For a show that takes fairytales and turns them completely upside down (not to mention a network that is consistently LGBT inclusive) it's odd that we haven't seen a fairytale couple that consisted of two princes or princesses. Mulan's secret love for Aurora was the closest we have gotten to LGBT representation on Once Upon a Time, and it broke my heart to know that Mulan's love could never be requited by the married (and now, pregnant) Aurora. With a seemingly endless supply of fairytales to choose from, the writers should definitely be able to work some sort of same-sex couple into the ABC show.

A True Decision About Who Rumpelstiltskin Really Is

Rumpel has been a shady character from the very first episode of Once Upon a Time, but lately his character arc has taken a strange turn. He sacrificed himself last season (well, sort of) for his son and his loved ones, reunited with Belle, and appeared squarely on the side of light. Then, he murdered Zelena out of vengeance, after lying to Belle about the possession of the dagger. Yes, Rumpel is complicated, but the show needs to tell us which side of good he really belongs on by the series finale. (Whenever that is!)

The story of The Princess and the Frog

Frozen is an awesome inclusion into the Once Upon a Time universe, but I'd love to see an older princess fairytale head to Storybrooke. The show tends to borrow from Disney's version of fairytales, which means that, hopefully, we'll see Princess Tatiana in Storybrooke sometime soon.

The return of our forgotten fairytale friends.

I miss Red Riding Hood! She hasn't been a major player in a long time, and she was so much fun. And what happened to Cinderella?! How about David's ex-wife Abigail? Storybrooke is too small a town for them not to run into these fairytale characters at Granny's.

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