See Her Over-The-Top Mother's Day Gift

When you want to make someone in your life feel special, jewelry, chocolate, or flowers are usually the top options. In fact, most gifts in life essentially boil down to something to wear, something to eat, or something to look at. Kim Kardashian celebrated Mother's Day with a selfie spree, as she is wont to do in order to celebrate everything from vacations to birthdays to waking up on a Tuesday, but that wasn't the only way she celebrated. Apparently, she has "the best fiance in the world" and it's actually kind of true. Kanye West got Kim Kardashian a wall of flowers for Mother's Day, which she posted a picture and a video of on Instagram. After all, that kind of thing looks better in 3D.

For everyone who is now looking at the lowly flower arrangement they were about to order for the special person in their life and wondering why they can't make bank like Kanye West, I don't blame you. After all, bouquets were once the gold standard of gift giving. A single rose is rife with gorgeous meaning, sure, but getting a whole bouquet? That could run you in the hundreds depending on how elaborate you chose to go. Now that West is raising the bar, bouquets just aren't going to cut it anymore. If you really want to impress someone, try one of these flower arrangements.


The arrangement that started it all is apparently a massive collection of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies. There's no word on how tall the wall is in relation to Kardashian, but it completely dwarfs North West in another picture.


Did you know that you can order flowers in the shape of puppies? 1-800-Flowers made this particular puppy out of carnations and stuck him in a basket of sunflowers with a pacifier. Like this could get any cuter.


The same website also offers a birthday cake made out of flowers. No, that's not a cake made out of edible flowers crafted from fondant — they're actually mini carnations and poms. Bad for your blood sugar, great for your diet.


The heart-shaped flowers (or, rather, flowers arranged in the shape of a heart) are a staple of basically every graduation and bridal shower in the world. Why there aren't more of them all over the place on Valentine's Day is beyond me.


Have you ever wanted to combine your love of gardening with your love of weddings? Well, apparently you can get a wedding dress made out of flowers. Who says you have to be getting married to put that awesome thing on?


Does it really matter whether or not the special person in your life can even play the piano? I didn't think so. Anyone who bought me a piano decked out with flowers would be in my good books for the rest of forever.


This bag was the most awesome DIY project in the world, but putting real flowers on a bag would be an exercise in futility. Think of the abuse your purse goes through every day on your daily commute. At least it would smell nice.


This just seems like the natural next step in Kanye West's plan. All Kardashian needs is three more walls and a flower roof and West will have successfully given her the world's most awesome flower bouquet. Hands down.

Image: kimkardashian/Instagram; 1-800-Flowers; 1-800-Flowers; FromYouFlowers; Preston Bailey; Helen Blakey Flowers/Facebook; Sheryl Kirby; Dubai Miracle Garden Official /Facebook