NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' Is Ending, So We Need a Donna & Tom Spinoff Show ASAP

NBC's fall schedule has been released, and Parks and Recreation will tragically be going the way of Community and coming to an end after this season. The Season 7 premiere does not yet have an official air date, but will be held until mid-season. Producer Michael Schur tweeted that "it was time" for Parks and Recreation to come to an end, as fans everywhere likely sobbed hysterically upon hearing the news (my tears of sorrow have yet to dry). IT CAN'T BE OVER! IT'S NOT FAIR!!! WHY??? We're currently deep in the denial stage of sitcom cancellation grief.

As we mourn the tragic loss of our beloved Emmy-nominated Parks and Recreation, we seek comfort in the happy memories of Knope-isms past, and cling to the hope of what the future might hold. We look back on the happy times brought to us by Rhetta and Aziz Ansari as Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, and we dream of a world in which Donna and Tom could stay on TV together forever in a spinoff show. Parks and Recreation's storyline may have run its "natural" course (if you can call such cruelty "natural") but Donna and Tom will never stop being hilarious together.

Here's why we need a Donna and Tom spinoff show:

Because Donna is a treasure...

...Tom is the best...

...and together they are perfect.

Buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

Because more Tom means more Jean-Ralphio...

...and more Mona Lisa

They're the worst, and we love them.

Because we need more "Tommy Fresh".

We'd wait outside in the rain for you, Tom. Don't go, we need you.

Because we're all about abbrevs.

Because Donna and Tom have great style.

They treat themselves, and it shows.

Because Donna and Tom value modern technology.

Because we're not ready for Parks and Recreation to be dunzo.


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