Video: Solange Attacks Jay Z In Elevator

by Lia Beck

The Met Gala may look glamorous and drama-free in photographs, but apparently a pretty intense situation involving three Met Gala regulars occurred after this year's party. As seen in newly released surveillance footage, Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z inside an elevator after the Met Gala. Along with Beyoncé, the two were attending an after party at New York City's Standard Hotel. As of now the reasons behind the fight are unknown.

TMZ obtained the video which shows Solange, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and a man who appears to be a security guard walking into an elevator. Once inside, Solange immediately appears to start yelling at Jay Z and soon after starts pushing him and throwing punches. The security guard pulls Solange back and holds her, but she tries to get free and continues attempting to make contact with Jay Z. At one point she kicks at him and he grabs hold of her foot, but never touches Solange besides trying to get her off and back into the arms of the security guard. The entire time, Beyoncé stands in the corner and doesn't get involved.

According to TMZ, the guard pulls the emergency switch on the 12th floor to stop the elevator "presumably to keep the fight private." The site also reports that Beyoncé and Solange left the gala in one car while Jay Z left in another.

A rep for Solange has yet to respond to Bustle's request for comment.