Russell Crowe & Ricky Gervais Had a Wild Sunday Night & Gloriously Tweeted About It — PHOTOS

Well, now we know what it looks like to party with these guys. On Sunday evening, Ricky Gervais got drunk with Russell Crowe and Gervais' girlfriend, Jane Fallon, in Newcastle, England, and thankfully, the comedian broadcasted his fun with the Noah star for all of the Twitterverse to see. In a series of tweets and photos (some of which have been deleted) Gervais revealed that even award-winning actors love a good Sunday Funday.

In the two photos still remaining on Gervais' Twitter account, he and Crowe are seated at a table in what seems to be a nice restaurant. I mean, there's a linen tablecloth on the table instead of paper — to me that says, "This place is nice." Fallon doesn't appear in either photo, so we'll assume that she's behind the camera. Now that we've set the scene — what's up with these photos?

Well, it looks like Gervais and Crowe are doing the best versions of their "drunk faces." Who doesn't love a good drunk-face photo in a seemingly inappropriate setting, right? Gervais looks like he's assumed the role of either the singing-drunk, the yelling-drunk (sorry, fellow patrons), or the blissfully-unaware-of-the-photo drunk. While Crowe, on the other hand, seems to have relinquished control of all of the muscles in his face to alcohol. Nice job, guys.

Anyway, here are the photos from Gervais' Twitter:

Amazing. Who knew Russell Crowe had such a sense of humor after carrying the weight of Rome on his shoulders, carrying the weight of the animal kingdom on his shoulders, and carrying the weight of the law of France on his shoulders? (I know, you get it, Crowe's played a lot of serious characters.)

It seems the photos and since-deleted tweets have caused quite the stir on the Internet, hence their deletion. But Russell Crowe doesn't think you should care. The Noah star tweeted on Monday afternoon:

Heh heh is right. Also, am I the only one realizing that these two look related?

Image: RickyGervais/Twitter