They Have The Swankiest Storefront Ever

If you thought Bergdorf's and Hermes on Madison were the height of luxury, The Row's new L.A. flagship may change your mind. Gone are the days when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were known for teeny bopper hits like Passport to Paris and Holiday in the Sun, because the design duo's flagship is just about the most chic, grown-up storefront I can possibly imagine. Complete with a Melrose Place address, we'd say the Olsen twins' flagship is destined for great things.

1. The Flagship Is Less Like a Store and More Like an Estate

The midcentury modern-style real estate is all streamlined glass, sliding doors, and minimalist architecture.

2. Being a Hollywood Home, The Store Has a Glass Courtyard (Because Why Not?)

The Row's new space has an airy, open feel thanks to a glass-enclosed courtyard which is visible from all corners of the store.

3. The Space Used to Be The Most Beautiful Hair Salon Imaginable...

John Freida and Sally Hershberger each set up shop in the home before it became property of The Row.

4. ...As Well as One of Neil Diamond's Haunts

As if two legendary hair stylist occupants weren't enough, performer Neil Diamond owned the property as well.

4. The Store Has a Swimming Pool

Because shopping gets exhausting, and customers really need a way to unwind after their strenuous stroll around the boutique.

Image: WWD/Donato Sardella

5. The Store Houses MK and A's Expanding Collection of Curios

A little know fact: Mary Kate and Ashley are collectors of art and various objets, which are on display for customers.

6. Each Dressing Room is Outfitted in Pink Limestone...Really

Perhaps I should rethink my own closet, because a carpeted, pink limestone dressing rooms sounds like perfection.

7. The "Library" of The Flagship is Devoted to Formal Wear (and Manolo Blahnik's)

A library with a fireplace and armchairs should also have an unlimited supply of designer heels and evening gowns.

8. The Store is Split Into East and West "Galleries" Which Actually Resemble Art Galleries

The light-filled halls of the East and West Galleries include glass cases full of beautiful accessories and jewelry, interspersed with utilitarian sitting areas and racks of clothing.

9. Beware Entering The Row's Flagship, Because You May Want to Move In

The Row's new space may be one of the most beautiful designer storefronts to date, so I wouldn't be surprised if one plucky customer showed up, suitcase in hand, and decided to stay for a mini vacation. Want to see more pics? WWD has a grand slideshow of all the amazingness that is The Row's flagship store.