What Can We Gather From 'OITNB's Posters?

It'd be great if June could just hurry up and get here. Because with June comes Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black , and with a new season of Orange is the New Black comes endless supplies of laughter and joy. Things like the new character posters for Season 2 serve to remind us of this fact.

The posters focus on a variety of different characters, and maybe if we hope hard enough they'll turn out to be hints relating to who gets backstory episodes this season. We've got Laura Prepon's Alex Vause, lining her eyes with Sharpie like that one ill-advised time your friend did that in eighth grade. We've also got Natasha Lyonne's Nicky Nichols picking her teeth with a screwdriver, Laverne Cox's Sophia Burset combing her hair with a fork, Lea DeLaria's Big Boo scrubbing her pits with a toilet brush, and Yael Stone's Lorna Morello all dressed up for her wedding day in toilet paper decorations.

If we're lucky, this will mean we'll get an episode (or an arc!) surrounding Morello's mysterious fiance and their ostensibly doomed relationship. Orange Is the New Black became part of the zeitgeist so quickly in part because of how refreshing it was to watch a show welcome nearly all of the characters it promoted as "supporting" into the fold of the ensemble as three dimensional characters, so we wouldn't be at all surprised if we also got a Big Boo origin story episode. In fact, we'd be grateful.

You can see the array of posters below, and hold the desire for Orange Is the New Black hard and fast in your heart like the rest of us.

Images: Netflix