‘Mad Men’s Emmy Campaign Awesomely Pays Tribute To ‘60s-Style Advertising — PHOTOS

This year's Emmys are quickly approaching and as Aug. 25 looms closer, shows have to start making their case for why they deserve nominations. It's been two years since Mad Men took home an Emmy, but this year the show's "For Your Consideration" promotion makes it clear why each star should get nominated. Mad Men is campaigning for Emmy nominations with vintage-style advertisements and they would make Sterling Cooper & Partners proud. If the cast doesn't get any Emmys, these ads should at least be nominated for a Clio.

There are eight ads in total that pair up the lead actors with fictional products explaining their cases for Emmy nominations. For example, Christina Hendricks in a fake hair dye promotion with the phrase, "Blondes have more fun, but redheads get nods" and Kiernan Shipka in a mock ad for "Statuette's" clothing with the tagline, "She's grown up right before your eyes. Show her you noticed."

The campaign is well executed and perfect for a show about advertising in the '60s. According to AMC's executive vp of marketing Linda Schupack, "In the past, we've campaigned for Mad Men by letting the show sell itself. This year, we wanted to be a little more fun and playful." Smart move. This show only has one half of a season left after this year and this campaign was just waiting to be used.

Christina Hendricks

Jon Hamm

John Slattery

Kiernan Shipka

January Jones

Elisabeth Moss

Vincent Kartheiser

Jessica Paré

Images: AMC