DJ Casey Kasem is Missing, What Happened to the Radio Legend?

It appears to be a mystery who exactly knows where Casey Kasem is. A judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court Monday ordered an investigation into the radio host's whereabouts, concerned after learning of his disappearance.

Kasem, who became well-known as the long-time host of American Top 40, is now 82 and is living with Parkinsons so advanced he can't speak. He's been living in medical facilities chosen by his wife, Jean Kasem.

Reports of his disappearance came from Jean's attorney, Craig Murphy, who asserted that he and Jean Kasem didn't know exactly where Casey was, but were sure he'd been "removed from the country." According to ABC News this was followed by "stunned protests from [Judge] Murphy and two of Casey Kasem's daughters." One of Casey's daughters, Kerri Kasem, had been awarded temporary conservatorship of her father Monday following complaints from both of the daughters that they hadn't been allowed to see their father due to an arrangement with Jean.

Given all this, it seems possible that under Jean's previous conservatorship Casey was moved to another medical facility outside of the states. This seems to hold up with Monday's order to change the conservatorship to Kerri, especially given a past request to change it to that of daughter Julie Kasem — Casey's movement without the knowledge of his daughters is apparently far from a new thing.

Let's all just hope that Casey continues to get the treatment that he needs.