Wait — This 'Wayward Pines' Trailer Isn't A Joke?

Apparently no one told Fox executives about M. Night Shyamalan's recent track record, because they are really, really invested in his vision with the new drama Wayward Pines . The new trailer for the 2015 Fox drama — executive produced by Shyamalan himself — was just released and I honestly found it hard to believe that it wasn't a Funny or Die video spoofing his creepy vision.

After careful investigation, it seems that this show is totally a thing, and that might be scarier than anything that happens in the trailer. The show stars Matt Dillon as a special agent who finds himself passed out in a river in the town of Wayward Pines. Now, Wayward Pines is a really, really scary place. Not "scary-scary," but scary in the way where everyone is just a little too nice to you, and the people are a little too perfect. And then it gets scary for real because they also have a sign on their electrified fence that says if you leave Wayward Pines, you will die. Literally, that is what is physically written out on the sign: it says you will die. (So we guess that the mystery of is-this-town-evil-or-what basically has been solved?)

Unfortunately we can't blame Shyamalan entirely for Wayward Pines — the 10-episode "event special" is based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch. Original source material aside, Wayward Pines looks a Twin Peaks spoof injected with a heavy dose of The Village. Dillon spends most of the trailer looking really bewildered by everything that is happening, almost as if he's also shocked by the fact that this pilot came into fruition. Juliette Lewis tosses out lines like, "What are you doing here, secret agent man?" before passing him a mysterious address on his diner bill. Meanwhile, Academy-Award nominated actor Terrence Howard (the trailer really, really wants you to know all of the people in it who have won/have been nominated for awards) is the town sheriff who is reduced to spending most of his time in the trailer creepily eating a rum raisin ice cream cone. (Swap in pie and coffee for ice cream and we've got ourselves a better show.)

The event series premieres in 2015, and I will absolutely watch every second of it. Hey, you never know: It could be so bad, it's good.

Image: Fox