New 'Fault In Our Stars' Clip Shows Us That Beautiful Amsterdam Date — VIDEO

We've got approximately three weeks until we are puddles of teary mess on the floor of our local Regal Cinemas. The Fault In Our Stars is fast approaching, and with that comes new clips. Specifically, new clips of Hazel and Augustus on their date in Amsterdam. And yes, it is beautiful.

The clip's pretty brief — if they kept going they might cut into that love confession that's in the trailer, and it seems best to leave the bulk of that for the theater so as to maximize the volume of the tear puddles those poor Regal employees will be tasked with mopping up. As Shailene Woodley's intro to the clip notes, this is what could probably technically qualify as Hazel and Augustus' "first date," which makes the fact that it's in Amsterdam and he's already ready to profess his love to her rather impressive.

Also featured in this clip: Underage drinking! A brand of beautiful life-affirming underage drinking that makes you really crave a good flute and/or full bottle of champagne. They're just so enchanted by it that you're forced to remember that these characters are 16 and 17 years old and that life has already been pretty terrible to them and pretty wonderful to them. "To a good life, Hazel Grace."

...And now I'm a premature tear puddle. Who's got a mop? I need one for my face.

Image: 20th Century Fox