Justin Bieber Rides Horse Shirtless & Jumps Into SUV Like The Tough Guy That He Is — VIDEO

Justin Bieber has done so many ridiculous things in recent years that it's always surprising when there's news of another silly Bieber activity. I mean, really, if you've peed in a mop bucket haven't you done it all? Well, that's obviously not the case because Justin Bieber rode a horse shirtless à la Vladimir Putin and the whole thing was just as Bieber-y as you would expect. The Biebz doesn't let a little trip to a ranch kill his swag; he allows it to be magnified.

According to TMZ, Bieber visted a ranch outside of Los Angeles on Monday where he rode horses with felon/pizza lover Lil Za and some other members of his entourage. TMZ got video of Bieber speeding up on his horse as he approached his waiting SUV where he swung off with panache and jumped right into the vehicle. While watching you really get the sense that he felt like a badass. Dismounting a horse in front of paparazzi as you seamlessly transition from cowboy to young millionaire rolling out behind tinted windows is exactly what I would expect Bieber to want in his life.

Bieber posted a couple pictures of the outing himself on Instagram. One shows his arms holding the horse's reins and is captioned, "Pure bred stallion." According to the Daily Mail, the photo was previously captioned, "Pure bread stallion," before being corrected. Typos happen to everyone, but that is just classic Bieber.

Another photo shows Bieber on the horse before he removed his shirt and is captioned, "Is that young Indiana Jones. #skintightpants #igottachill." It should be mentioned here that Bieber accessorized his shirtless body with a fedora, aviators, tight jeans, a chain, combat boots, and visible underwear. He " is fashion" after all.

Check out Bieber's horse riding adventure for yourself below:

Images: Justin Bieber/Instagram