'Scarface's Mansion is For Sale, So Which Celebrity Should Buy It?

Tony Montana may have defended his drug empire to the bloody end, but the place where he went out in a blaze of glory still stands and is in need of a new owner. Reportedly, the Santa Barbara, Calif., mansion where Scarface was filmed for sale with a $35 million price tag. Plenty of celebrities have the cash to cover the cost, but which one of them would make a suitable occupant for the cult classic home? Here are a few who would be most likely to bid on Tony Montana's old digs:

Al Pacino

Because, duh. Playing Tony Montana was the start of Pacino's legendary actor status. He deserves to have a good night's sleep in the mansion that helped build his career. Hopefully he can rest easy in the home with the assurance that his shut-eye won't be interrupted by goons with big guns.

Justin Bieber

No matter how hard the Biebs tries to convince us that he's about that thug life, no one believes him. Still, he probably thinks that purchasing a mansion where people pretended to be gangsters will help us to believe he's not just pretending to be a badass.

Just about any rapper

I could easily see any rapper placing a bid on the digs, then writing a song and shooting a video at the house that shows us how they bought the house where Scarface was filmed. After all, in order to gain entry into the world of hip hop, it is a mark of legitimacy to be obsessed with and influenced by the movie Scarface . Just ask the rapper Scarface whose name says it all, and Jay Z, who constantly references the film in his music.

Aside from Hov and Scarface, perhaps 50 cent will put in a bid. After all, Fiddy's no stranger to buying mansions. Oprah even profiled his acquisition of Mike Tyson's sprawling estate on OWN TV. But if Dr. Dre's deal with Apple officially crowns him as hip-hop's first billionaire, he just might outbid them all.


Before including her on this list, I had no clue how much Rihanna loves Scarface, but for a girl who sports a gun tattoo and whose life seems to be one big party, she seemed like an ideal candidate. Michelle Pfeiffer's Scarface fashions inspired Rih's 2012 Grammy gown, and she also reportedly expressed interest in taking part in the new Scarface movie.