'Lucy' International Trailer With Luc Besson & Scarlett Johansson Reveals a Lot of Info — VIDEO

There was a lot of collective oohing and ahhing and "take that, Marvel!"ing when the first trailer for Luc Besson's Scarlett-Johansson-starring Lucy came out. Johansson with superpowers, kicking ass and taking names, all as the titular character, finally! Then there was an inevitable and almost immediate backlash (albeit smaller), in response to the film's race relations as depicted in the first trailer. Now we've got the international trailer for Lucy , though, so let's check in and see what we can gather.

The pros of this movie are pretty obvious: Kickass lady seeking revenge for the ways the world/patriarchy has violated her body. Vigilante justice, sketchy sci-fi stuff about the power of the brain, gags on intellect, etc. Hell yes. The international trailer continues to show off the sheer badass side of Johansson's character's quest, but it also adds a white dude villain into the mix so that it's not just a shiny white lady beating up people of color in front of inaccurate Chinese scrawled in red on the walls.

We'll see what Lucy turns out to be, but this new trailer seems to indicate that we have a lot more to look forward to than just Scar Jo kicking ass.

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