Check Out This Can't-Miss Feminist Photo Series

The common narratives surrounding women and dating often paint females as pathetic, whiny creatures who heel to the desires of men and are desperate to find their elusive Mr. Right and settle down. But photographer Rachel Dickson, is telling a different story on her Tumblr. In one of her recent photo series, Dickson explores the complicated relationship between the sexes and how women are often perceived by men. Dickson writes, "Although I am not a hardcore feminist, I do believe there is a problem with the way men are taught to perceive women. I hope to alleviate some perceptions, maybe one day level the playing field."

Dickson's photo series isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Instead, she wants to utilize her photographs as a way to poke fun at some of the common interactions she sees between the sexes, specifically in reaction to the trope of the eager woman desperately seeking attention from the aloof guy. The women in her photographs seem unfazed by men looking to woo them with false promises and cheesy pick up lines. They are doing just fine on their own, thank you very much.

Check out some of the clever photos below.

Images: Rachel Dickson/Tumblr