'Game of Thrones' Meets Retro Super Mario Game In Awesome Mashup — VIDEO

Do you ever geek out and think, "oh man, if only my favorite HBO show was in the style of a retro video game?" Well, now we have the Game of Thrones intro like it's in Super Mario World and it's very appropriately titled "Video Game of Thrones." Yup! It's pretty impressive to watch, and even if you're not a Super Mario fan, you'll probably still be able to appreciate it. It's a rather surefire way to start your nerd dance party. Consider mine started!

YouTuber slash genius NicksplosionFX recreates the opening and turns the iconic Game of Thrones theme song into video game music. (NicksplosionFX says that he used an 8-bit version of the theme song, in case that means anything to you.) Anyway, he shows the wonderful world of Westeros as though it's Super Mario World: He recreates that map, everything, except instead of places like Mereen and Bravo, we see the Vanilla Fortress and Yoshi's Castle.

The whole thing makes you want to play Game of Thrones as a video game with the Super Mario characters; Luigi could totally pass for Littlefinger with that mustache, and Princess Peach would be a killer Danaerys.

Check it out!

And if you want to see some more cool stuff, he also posted "Video Game of Thrones" alongside the actual opening, so you can compare the two, which only goes to show how impressive this is.

Image: NicksplosianFX/YouTube