Tiësto's Icona Pop Collaboration "Let's Go" is Pure Dance-Pop Bliss — LISTEN

It’s been a year since Icona Pop took over U.S. radio waves, but the Swedish duo is finally back with a worthy follow-up to their breakout smash hit, “I Love It.” On Tuesday, Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto released “Let’s Go,” a new song from his upcoming album, A Town Called Paradise (due out on June 17). The song, which features Icona Pop’s signature synchronized shout-singing, is everything you could ever want from a summer anthem: carefree lyrics about partying, bouncy dance beats, and a massive sing-along chorus. Tiësto is already enjoying success with his current single, “Red Lights,” but I think “Let’s Go” is going to be a big hit for him (and Icona Pop), as well.

Naturally, at the outset of the song, Icona Pop members Caroline Hjelt and Aion Jawo chant-sing about dancing with their boys and their girls and taking over the world (“all in the name of love,” of course). When the chorus arrives, the pounding beats fade away momentarily to make room for some seriously uplifting synths and even a little summery guitar action. The two women sing:

One night is all it takes

We become one to make it right

One night to save the day

We’ll show them all

Let’s go, go, go...

I hope you’re ready to rave your face off, because from this moment on, “Let’s Go” is nothing short of pure, unadulterated dance-pop bliss. If fist pumping were something I condoned, I could genuinely see myself jumping up and down and fist pumping to this song. That’s saying something.

Icona Pop released their second full-length album (first in the United States), This Is… Icona Pop, in September of 2013, but unfortunately, none of the singles released after “I Love It” really took off. Though “Let’s Go” is technically a Tiësto track, it owes a lot of its irresistibility to Icona Pop’s fun guest vocals. I think Tiësto and Icona Pop have a big hit on their hands! What a great team.

Check out “Let’s Go” via YouTube below. Will the song make an appearance on your summer playlist?

Tiësto on YouTube