Next Fall Will Be Country Strong on 'Nashville'

by Keertana Sastry

Nashville fans, we can all relax. ABC's Nashville will return for a third season this fall. And not only will the series be back, it will keep its Wednesday night time slot where it will battle returning shows and some newbies. Even though this season has really hit some strange lows, I shall remain optimistic for the show's future. The cast and creative staff have yet to start production — poor things need some rest — there are a few hints as to what we can expect in Season 3.

For example, now that Deacon and Maddie have really bonded as father and daughter, it's about time for Deacon to stop being friendly all the time and start exhibiting some proper parenting. Chip Esten, who plays Deacon, said recently that the alcoholic singer/songwriter will have to start getting serious with his new daughter and we'll begin to see glimpses of that in tonight's finale.

We'll also be seeing some high tension between Edgehill and Highway 65 Records after the battle between Rayna's album versus Will's album, and the inevitable reveal that Juliette has slept with Edgehill's Jeff Fordham. Avery has to find out, right? The outcome of this record company war will certainly affect all of the musicians on this show.

At ABC's upfront presentation Tuesday night, Will Chase and Chip Esten — a.k.a. Luke and Deacon — also said that the season finale of Nashville would be heartbreaking on a character level. No more car crash cliffhangers in our midst. And finally, the two actors said there would be a decision made between the men and perhaps they would come to blows. This would definitely become important in Season 3, especially if Rayna chooses to be with Deacon. Perhaps, we won't be seeing much of Luke and Rayna anymore? A girl can dream.

There's not much more information on what we can expect next season, but we've got some ideas on how Nashville can improve upon itself. Along with finishing up storylines and not trying to focus on every character in every episode, Nashville should also try to find some realism in its storylines. Now that we know about Maddie being Deacon's daughter and the family has started to adjust to this information, it's important to see the tension in this new family dynamic.

Also, can we get rid of a few characters? Let's stop focusing on Tandy, Layla, Zoey. In fact, what would be extremely interesting is to make Will very successful and have his real sexual orientation come to the forefront. Perhaps Will himself will finally get the courage to come out of the closet or maybe it gets leaked. Either way, that's a fascinating storyline for a character that hasn't had much to do recently. Plus, it would give Chris Carmack the chance to really show off some acting chops.

And I may be in a camp all to myself here but I'm done with Gunnar and Zoey. If anyone can give Scarlett some support during her difficult time, it's Gunnar. Even though Gunnar didn't treat Scarlett very well after drama with his brother began in the first season, she was there for him through it all. It's time for him to return the favor, no matter how difficult. It's time for these two to rekindle at least their friendship if not more.

Nashville cast and creative team, are you listening? Because we're hoping for so much more. And now you have another season to show us what we've been missing.

Images: ABC/Chris Hollo; Tumblr/ohheytrace; Wordpress/letsbereal; Tumblr/whentherightonecomesalong