DIY Your Sneakers To A New Level This Spring

Before you go tossing out your tired, old sneakers, may I suggest a more creative and frugal way to go about getting fresh new kicks for the summer? These simple sneaker hacks. I know what you're thinking — I couldn't possibly turn these gross, hopeless-looking shoes into something I'd even consider wearing again. That's where you're wrong! Thanks to the craftiness of the Internet's best DIY'ers, revamping your old kicks can be as simple as doodling with some colored markers. And we know how much you love to doodle.

Learn to add sparkly studs to your old sneakers like Honestly WTF. Show off your decoupaging expertise by giving your old slip-ons a new paint job like Something Monuemental. Show off your leopard-print-drawing skills and recreate this season's most popular "It" sneaker like El Blog De Lupi. Heck, upgrade your entire summer shoe collection by trying them all! We guarantee all of these tutorials combined will cost you less than one pair of new shoes. Plus, you can brag about your handiwork to all your friends. Sounds like a win win to me!

Get to work with these ten tutorials that will help you transform your once forgotten kicks into your new favorite summer sneakers.


This studded sneaker may look like an intimidating project, but it's actually crazy easy. And good news for your toes: The studs aren't actually pierced through the shoe's canvas — they're just glued on top. Thanks to a super strong sticky stuff called E6000 (which Honestly WTF calls the creme de la creme of adhesives) and about 200 brass spikes, you can cover your shoe's stubborn stains while adding some much deserved bling.


Remember those adorable Kate Spade x Keds polka dot shoes you saw all over your Pinterest feed? You could buy them for $75, or you could pick up some craft paint and a round foam brush and make your own. Dare I say Yesterday on Tuesday's version is even cuter than the original?


If you've got a pair of torn and tattered TOMS lying around, this DIY is for you. All you need is a pen, some scissors and a few minutes to turn your sad shoes into a pair of fabulous cut-out sandals.


This shoe hack is particularly fun for travel lovers. Brush some ModPodge onto your canvas shoe and glue on your favorite map. Don't worry — even if you haven't decoupaged since elementary school, it's as easy now as it was back then.


You can never be too old for glitter, right? If you said yes, this tutorial from How Two Style will change your mind. Not only will the gold sparkles elevate a boring canvas shoe, but they'll also add a touch of elegance to any ensemble.


You may be over the ombre trend for your hair, but that shouldn't stop you from trying it out on your feet, er, shoes. Hello Crissey shows us how to dye our canvas shoes with a sponge to create a gorgeous gradient.


Nothing screams summer more than this colorful Chevron-printed hack from Refinery29. This project requires a steady hand and takes some time, but what they say about patience and hard work is true — it totally pays off...especially when these super sweet kicks are the result of it!


Last year, Marimekko teamed up with Converse to create a line of sneakers featuring their famous colorful prints. When Just Crafty Enough couldn't find them in her size, she decided to create her own. No messy paint or glue was involved in this project — just a few fine tip Sharpie markers. If you can doodle a flower, you can definitely take on these floral-covered beauties!


Animal-printed slip-ons might be the "It" sneaker of the season, but that doesn't mean you have to have the same exact pair everyone else is wearing. Make yours a little more unique by doing it yourself. Isidora Morales of El Blog de Lupi shows you how easy it can be to create your own leopard slides.


If the tongue of your shoe is so worn out that it can barely keep itself together, perhaps a little bit of elastic can help bring it back to life. Not only will sewing on some elastic make your shoes functional again, but it'll also make them even easier to wear. No laces needed!

Image: HonestlyWTF, Yesterday on Tuesday, Pinadvised, Something Monumental, How Two Style, Refinery29, Just Crafty Enough, elblogdelupi, Instructables