17 Inexpensive Prom Dresses On Etsy for the Chic Broke Girl

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In high school, I rarely had any money to speak of (some things never change — hah!). So, when my junior prom rolled around, my after-school gig scraping together tips from bussing baby-chewed pizza crusts wasn't going to pay for a $1,000 bedazzled gown. Besides, why would I want to drop that kind of money on a dress that I would wear once while I sweat the night away dancing to Lil' Jon for six hours?

Plus, the puffy, wallet-gouging Cinderella dresses weren't really my style. I was "alternative" and obsessed with international Vogue (I was super cool, OK?!). So, as an enterprising 16-year-old, I did my runway research, hopped on eBay, and bought a knock-off blue Chloe dress from the summer 2005 runway for about $80.

I know knock-offs aren't the best, but I was 16 so cut me some slack! Also, Etsy wasn't a "thing" at the time. If it was, I would have been on that site, scouring for a prom dress — their selections are amazing and inexpensive. It's basically eBay 2.0, with cool girls only.

If you're short on cash and super sexy prom dresses covered in cutouts aren't your style, then I recommend looking at Etsy for something that is classic, unique, and maybe even rewearable — unless, of course, you spill prom Kool Aid all over yourself.

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