Lily Allen Turned Down 'Game of Thrones' Role Because It Would Have Been Incest

So you may not know this, but Alfie Allen — you know, Theon (I mean Reek! Reek is his name!) — is the brother of pop star Lily Allen. And who wouldn't want to use their sibling's power in Westeros to get a role on the acclaimed show? Well, this pop star was actually offered an opportunity, but Lily Allen turned down a role on Game of Thrones because it would ostensibly be incest. But like... real incest.

In Allen's Reddit AMA, she said the following:

So that would have been double incest! Remember when Theon (pre-Reek era) felt up Yara? Yeah, that. But they're real brother and sister so... uh... what were the producers thinking? Is that tongue in cheek? No. Not really. No need for real life Cerseis and Jaimes over in the Allen family.

But would Allen consider joining her brother, in all of his character's penis-less shame, on the show? Sure! She said:

That could potentially be cool. A Sheezus rendition of "The Rains of Castermere?" I'm down!