Conan O'Brien's 'Conan' Renewed Because TBS Knows What They're Doing

Looks like this host will be coming back! Conan O'Brien has renewed his contract with TBS through 2018, which means we'll get to see Conan for four more years. So, for anyone who was hoping to sweep him away and lure him back to basic cable...tough luck til 2019, guys. But for TBS? This is excellent news.

But this shouldn't be too surprising, as Conan is a pretty solid vehicle on TBS; it actually has helped the network a ton. In fact, since the show premiered back in 2010, it managed to secure a younger median age range for viewers than any other hour-long late night talk show, and its Live+7 ratings averaged 862,000.

TBS's head of programming, Michael Wright, had nothing but positive things to say about O'Brien and his show. He said:

So it looks like it's pretty mutually beneficial for everybody: TBS scores with more Conan, Conan has a steady gig for the next four years, and we get more of Conan O'Brien and his on-point comedy. Win!