Beyonce's Tattoo: A Mystery

Following the news of Solange's attack on Jay Z in an elevator, an intriguing, seemingly related story about Beyoncé has emerged. Many sources claim that Beyoncé is having a tattoo with her wedding date removed, but without confirmation from Beyoncé (and no one will ever get confirmation from Beyoncé on this, by the way) all we can base our judgments on are photos of the tattoo and the assumption that a tattoo removal would be a way of showing Bey chose Solange over Jay Z. Not only is the Solange connection to the supposed removal of her tattoo is a huge stretch, there is an explanation for the change in Beyoncé's tattoo that is being ignored in order to make that connection.

Beyoncé's tattoo is of the roman numeral IV, is on her the ring finger of her left hand, and is in honor of her wedding date to Jay Z, April 4. It also represents the birthdays of herself and Jay Z, Sept. 4 and Dec. 4, respectively. Jay Z has a matching one. The tattoo isn't done in strong black ink and this is apparent even in early photos of the tattoo. (Look at this one of both of their tattoos.) It is done in a reddish or brown ink and colored tattoos are known to fade quicker than those done in black ink. Also, the tattoo is on her finger meaning it's often rubbed with her ring and in contact with the world far more often than a more hidden tattoo. It could be that Beyoncé's tattoo faded of natural causes.

And really, this tattoo has looked all kinds of different ways since she got it. If you look back at photos, it goes from light to dark and back again. (Here it is looking faded in 2008 and here it is looking dark at Coachella earlier this year.) It's hard to know what's going on exactly, but people are taking note of the tattoo changes now simply because of the Solange situation.

Is the tattoo henna and she gets it applied over and over again? Is she allergic to the ink and is trying out different ones? (Red ink is know to cause allergies!) Does tattoo ink not stick to her for some reason? (Because she's powerful and in the Illuminati?) Is she actually having the tattoo removed as evidenced by this photo from a few weeks ago:

Is she getting it removed because she's simply doesn't like it? Or does that photo just show that she got the tattoo reapplied for what could be the fifteenth time? Is it now hot pink and glow in the dark?

We can't know for sure, and much like the mystery of her fluctuating baby bump, we'll never know. But if you ask me, I'd say there's a good chance that Beyoncé didn't immediately go and get her tattoo removed because Solange came between her and Jay Z.

Image: Beyonce/Tumblr