Miley Cyrus’ Knee Looks Like Seth Rogen & It’s Like Finding Jesus On a Piece of Toast — PHOTO

Recently, Miley Cyrus has been in the news for being in the hospital and making distasteful jokes (not at the same time) and Seth Rogen has become known for talking shit on Justin Bieber and being in Neighbors commercials that air every five seconds, but now the two have come together for the most unlikely of reasons. Nope, it's not their shared love of pot. It's because Miley Cyrus' knee looks like Seth Rogen. Straight up. It does and it is weird.

The resemblance was noticed by someone with the Instagram account @fuckjerry. FJ (can I call him FJ?) noticed that in one of the photos taken while Cyrus was performing at a London club called G.A.Y. over the weekend, the light falls on her knee in exactly the right way for it to transform into Seth Rogen. This is basically like a solar eclipse happening. Except even rarer. It's more like Jesus appearing on a piece of toast. It's possible the correct combination of lighting and knee position will ever occur again.

FJ posted the photo along with a handy close-up to Instagram with the caption, "Turns out Miley Cyrus's Knee is Seth Rogen." Cyrus caught wind of the great news (it is undeniably great news) and posted a copy on Twitter along with a nice message for Rogen.

Rogen responded,

He had to. And, hey! Actually this means that, in a way, they did come together over their shared love of pot. They should both go smoke some and figure out how to make her knee look like his face again.

Image: fuckjerry/Instagram