Woody Allen Says Journalists Are Heroes, But Is He Just Trying to Make Amends?

Woody Allen thinks you're all a bunch of heroes, journalistic types, aspiring or otherwise. So, that's a thing worth knowing I guess, right? Granted, it's all very humorous considering the fact that Allen has been the subject of more than a few journalistic inquiries in his lifetime — especially as of late. But in spite of all that, he still thinks you scoop-driven reporter types are doing the necessary work (just don't don't don't ask him about that whole Dylan Farrow thing, 'cuz y'know).

While speaking with The Wrap at a tribute for retiring news legend Barbara Walters, Allen admitted that he has a particular fondness for those who report on the world at large.

“Journalists have always been heroes to me," Allen said. "I made a journalist the hero of my movie at one point –" he said. He is, of course, referring to his 2006 film Scoop that starred his frequent muse, Scarlett Johansson, and Hugh Jackman.

Turns out the director doesn't just love journalists, he also hoped to grow up into one, it seems. "I was almost going to be one myself when I was younger. A sports journalist," he said.

But not everything is super-rosy on his predictions for its future, what with the loss of an icon as grand as Walters. "It'll suffer from Barbara's loss. But the news media will be fine, it will always be fine. It's a tough, gritty profession, and a great one," he said.