If You Love Roses and Peonies, Get Excited

by Tyler Atwood

You may recall Lo Bosworth from her cheerful supporting role in Laguna Beach and The Hills, but these days the reality star is more focused on her budding lifestyle blog, The Lo Down, and creative pursuits in the kitchen. The actress partnered with Tone Body Wash on Wednesday evening to give event attendees a few home entertaining tips, as well as a sneak peek into how she juggles her many vocations these days.

Based on Tone's New Peony Rose scent, the company invited editors to create fragrant floral arrangements and indulge in a bit of henna before chatting with Bosworth. Bosworth is currently in culinary school, and though she spends most of her day working with food, the chef-in-training insists there's significant crossover between cuisine and beauty. Case in point? "Avocado!" Bosworth insists that the fruit works wonders for skin whether eaten or applied to the face in the form of a mask.

Bosworth rarely applies makeup before school, but when she does indulge, the actress adds a bit of toning spray to her brush before buffing on foundation. "When you're doing your makeup it can come out a little dry. So when you put toner onto the brush, it makes such a dewy, photoshopped look", she explained. After creating a blank canvas with foundation, Lo applies blush and lipstick in Pantone-favored shades of orchid.

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However, it's eyeshadow that Bosworth especially enjoys playing with for an after-hours look. Chanel makes her favorite matte formula, but when a more lived-in look is the goal, Bosworth mixes hers with Bag Balm: "Bag Balm is like Vaseline, and it works as lip balm, highlighter, everything!"

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A California girl at heart, Bosworth has several tried and true methods of battling the humidity in New York. For women who desire a sleek blowout without the frizz, Lo recommends pomade. "I feel like a lot of women don't use pomade because they think it's like a man's product, but you just have to find one that's not sticky", she advised. Bosworth herself lets her hair do what it will with the muggy weather. "Good thing fluffy hair is in fashion!" she exclaimed. The Hills alum is considering a lob haircut for fall, but in the meantime, she wears a short pink wig on special occasions. "I just think it's rad!" she insisted.

Bosworth prefers a classic look for parties she hosts at her home. "For me," she said, "it's just about a ton of mascara and really curly lashes and a bun on top of my head". Her weapons of choice? A Shu Uemura eyelash curler and Covergirl Lashblast Mascara.

Despite the demands of her busy life these days, Bosworth stays grounded by keeping her mantra in mind. "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but when I'm in the kitchen every day...I get into this rhythm, and there's this saying that pops into my head when it's going a mile a minute: Just fly". If a mantra is responsible for keep this multitalented chef centered and productive, I may just have to create one of my own.

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