You'll Never Guess What China's New Pet Craze Is

If you're an animal fanatic or pet owner, you know that new pet fads emerge almost every day. From bedazzled collars to doggy galoshes, people find tons of enticing and eccentric ways to make their pets stand out (how the pets themselves feel about this has yet to be determined). But have you heard about PANDA DOGS? China is hopping on this trend that involves not purchasing dogs that look like pandas, but dyeing pet dogs black and white to make them resemble pandas. That's right, everyone in China is eager to own their own "panda dog."

Panda dogs are typically chow chow breeds that are dyed black and white — a procedure that can take up to two hours. It should be noted that the grooming and coloring process can be both physically and emotionally harmful to the pups. Many veterinarians and specialists recommend only using hair dye for humans, and who knows what these people are using. It's still unknown how the dye will affect these lovable animals in the long run, but it doesn't seem like Chinese citizens are too concerned. Pet shop owners can barely keep up with the growing demand for panda dogs, so I don't think this new craze will go away anytime soon.

Take a look at the unnatural black and white creatures for yourself below:

And if you still (somehow) can't get enough, here's a video of a little panda dog prancing around.

Although these panda dogs are adorably fluffy and chubby, I'm still concerned about how this recent obsession will affect China's pet adoption rates. Hopefully, all of the other equally deserving pets will find homes as well.

Images: Panda Dog/Facebook