5 Retro Hair Accessories And Their Trendy 2014 Counterparts

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This post originally appeared on Lifestyle Mirror.

When we weren't experimenting with terrifying DIY tricks to color our hair back in the day, we were jazzing up simple hairstyles with a plethora of accessories. Before YouTube tutorials or Pinterest boards to teach us how to create the latest braided style, we had to rely on our narrow skill set. That usually meant sticking to a simple ponytail or bun with a thick scrunchie or set of snap clips. It added color, set the style and helped us hide a bad hair day — or at least we thought so at the time.

We admit that the butterfly clip reigned supreme as our favorite everyday style. With metal and colorful plastic varities, the options seemed endless. We clipped back our bangs, created designs with the placement and if we were feeling extra daring, sat them smack dab in the middle of our heads. A look to say the least.

Thankfully, today's hair accessories have a more sophisticated aesthetic. The snap clips that saved us from that awkward stage as our bangs grew for the umpteenth time has been replaced by modern and playful bobby pins. Yet as the tools themselves change, one thing remains the same: a bad hair day can always benefit from a well-placed accoutrement.

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