Lady Gaga and T.I. Team Up for "Jewels N' Drugs"

T.I. and Lady Gaga-- the names alone sound like they would make for an odd onstage duo who would offer us an awkward showing at best. Sure, T.I. totally rocked the mic and the stage when he made an appearance on tour with Taylor Swift, but in reference to Gaga, we all know she ventures far beyond the stratosphere with her brow-raising antics. Let us recall how she effortlessly rocked a meat dress as if it were silk, or how she opened the Grammys with Elton John by performing a maniacal, ash-laden number on the piano. And it would be downright neglectful if I failed to mention her South By Southwest set, in which she incorporated the help of a vomit artist.

Enter T.I., along with the question of where he could possibly fit into all this Gaga madness. Well, judging by their first live performance of "Jewels N' Drugs," the answer would be pretty well! On Tuesday night, the duo brought some funky energy to the stage of Madison Square Garden as part of Gaga's artrave:The artPOP Ball Tour, making me wonder why I doubted their chemistry in the first place. Gaga tends to enthrall and intimidate all at once, but T.I.'s moves in the "Blurred Lines" video prove that he can most definitely groove with the best of 'em.

Anyway, check out their performance below and try not to resist shaking a little somethin' somethin' like Gaga does when T.I. hits the stage.

Image: Instagram/troubleman31