'Spring Breakers' James Franco Is A Hypocrite & Sell-Out, According to Producers — Burrrrn

It might be easier to construct a list of people James Franco hasn't triggered a side-eye in these past few months/years than those he has. The latest people he's pissed off are Chris and Roberta Hanley, producers of the Franco-starring Spring Breakers and of that Spring Breakers sequel Franco said would "be a terrible film." Once again, someone finds a pretty legit reason to be cheesed off at James Franco. Franco posted (surprise!) a selfie on Instagram Wednesday, accompanying it with a lengthy caption explaining his distaste for Spring Breakers: The Second Coming. Here's a bit of that gem:

Before your eyes roll dangerously far back into your head at that self-comparison to Robert DeNiro, hold up: The Hanleys have beat you to it. Here's what Chris Hanley told Variety, reportedly while laughing:

Oh, snap! An accusation of selling out, leveled against James Franco, the hipsteriest frequent franchise star! Someone get the Aloe Vera.

Images: A24; Imgur