'Mad Men' Meets 'X-Men' In Hilarious Don Draper Inspired Mashup — VIDEO

Give the Internet an inch and it'll take a mile. Give the Internet two topical stories, and they will take literally any opportunity to combine then. So we really shouldn't be surprised that Quiznos, of all places, has combined Mad Men and X-Men to create, yes, Mad X-Men. It's pretty much what you'd expect it to be.

The plot of Mad X-Men pretty much revolves around the X-Men going back in time to "stop a man hell-bent on the worst type of destruction." If you guessed that that man is Don Draper and that the type of destruction was self-destruction, congratulations! You are correct!

The Draper in this video seems to be taking credit for creating mutation to sell nylons. He's also not very nice to the mutants, not letting them stop him from drinking. He is the typical Don Draper, though throwing money at Peggy and giving fantastical speeches as ad pitches. He also talks inappropriately about prostitutes, because that is now a thing that apparently needs to occur in ever Mad Men parody.

This thing is literally just an ad for Quiznos masquerading in the form of a comedy sketch, but that appears to be the world we live in right now. And hey, we'll take our good Don Draper impressions were we can get 'em.

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Image: QuiznosToaster/Youtube