'Jews vs. Nazis' Beer Pong Sweeps Florida High Schools, Because Why Exactly?

Well, this is stupid: Apparently, the latest trend amongst Florida high schoolers is “Jews vs. Nazis beer pong,” a game seemingly designed to offend just about everybody. It’s the same as regular beer pong, except the cups are arranged in the shape of either a swastika or a crude Star of David, depending on the team. Many of these students have been posting pictures of the game on Instagram and Twitter, thus ensuring a media backlash to the decidedly asinine fad.

It’s equal parts idiotic, offensive and perplexing. First of all, who plays beer pong and thinks, “You know, this game is fun, but it’d be a lot more fun if we somehow incorporated genocide into it?” Why didn’t these people realize that they would subsequently be publicly ridiculed for it? And who, other than white nationalists, actually takes enjoyment in playing as Nazis in a game they’re actually trying to win? The mind reels.

But despite the many problems with making light of one of the worst tragedies in human history, the game has taken off, judging by the many pictures of it on social media. There’s word on yet whether Cape Coral High School, where many of the players are enrolled, has yet taken any disciplinary action.

On Sunday, a local TV station to interview a rabbi about it. His reaction was remarkably constrained, given, well, everything about the situation.

JewsOnTelevision on YouTube

Look, people: Beer pong is fun enough. There’s no need to draw the slaughter of millions of innocent people into it, okay?