She's Not A Brunette Anymore

Rihanna was sort of horrible Wednesday, when she basically bashed one of her teenage fans on Twitter after the girl had the guts to wear a RiRi-inspired bat dress to her prom. Needless to say, I am not Rihanna's biggest fan right now. Cyberbullying is super lame! Especially when you are an adult with lots of money!

But then, she showed up to a basketball game Thursday night rocking the baby pink hair of my dreams. As a blonde going through beauty school when I was 18, I frequently threw different shades of unnatural color into my hair, and rosy hues were always my favorite. Lately, with all the celebrities going the violet route, I've been tempted to revert back to my rainbow ways despite being a grown up. And Rihanna's pink locks have officially pushed me over the edge — even though this one is apparently a wig raided from "Nicki's wig closet for the summer," according to RiRi's Twitter.

So thanks a LOT, Rihanna. Now that I've seen how cool your pink hair looks, I have no option but to go out buy a box of the same shade over the weekend. Talk about a bad influence.