See Barbara Walters 50 Years Ago

by Lia Beck

As you may have heard, after over 50 years in the biz, Barbara Walters is retiring from journalism. Walters will step down from her hosting job on The View on Friday, May 16 and while she isn't cutting ties to television entirely — she'll still executive produce The View and occasionally stop by for special reports on ABC News — Walters' voice and skill will no longer chronicle the major events of our lives. Upon hearing that Walters as been reporting for 50 years, you may have been surprised. For one, because it brings up the question of her age: She's 84! And for two, because you want to know what she looked like as a young reporter back in the day. We've dug up some old pictures of Barbara Walters to give you a look at one of the world's most well know journalists over the years.

For a little history on Walters' career, Walters started her television journalism career at the Today show in 1961 where she was a "Today Girl" — women contributors who were often given "lighter" assignments including the weather. Walters soon moved up in the ranks and with in a year became reporter-at-large before officially becoming the show's first female co-host in 1974. Walters went on to host 20/20 and ABC News before co-creating The View in 1997.

The Today Show, 1973

Press Photo For ABC's Presidential Election Coverage, 1976

On the cover of Newsweek, 1974

In London with Angela Lansbury, 1966

At Her NBC Office, 1964

Interviewing Fidel Castro, 1977

Interviewing Katharine Hepburn, 1981

Images: Wikimedia Commons (1, 2); NwkArchivist/Tumblr; Snarkyshitmomsays/Tumblr