Flappy Bird Is Coming Back, Baby — With A Multiplayer Option!

Just when you thought your life had returned to normal: The highly addictive Flappy Bird is officially returning to the App Store this August. Creator of the mobile game Dong Nguyen confirmed in an interview with CNBC this that Flappy Bird will come back with a new feature: multiplayer. So, now instead of dividing families and friends, which was one of Nguyen's concerns before removing the game from the store earlier this year, this new multiplayer version is bound to bring them all together, in some sense. Maybe.

Shortly after the game went viral in February, Nguyen removed the game from the App Store. He was worried about the users' mental health, said; he'd heard too many stories about users who weren't talking to their family or friends. In the hopes that the users would reunite with their loved one and simply forget about the game, he decided to delete the app. Instead, this tore the gamers even further apart, with those who had already installed the game selling their iPhones on eBay and Craigslist, in numerous countries. Even Flappy Bird knock offs emerged to fill the void.

"Flappy Bird has unexpected effects," said Nguyen in an interview with USA Today in February after he pulled the game. "It causes addiction (in) people. I think it is an unexpected problem ... and I have to remove it."

In March, he tempted players with the idea that he would bring back the game, but this week's announcement is the first definitive answer anyone has received about the game's fate.

But what made Nguyen change his mind? Why bring back such an addictive game? Nguyen has promised that the game won't be as addictive, but specific changes — except for the multiplayer component — have not been announced yet.

Until then, Nguyen is working on a new game to tie us over. For his sake, here's hoping it doesn't become as addictive and popular as Flappy Bird.