Who Is 'Godzilla's Aaron Taylor-Johnson? A Look At the Young, Rising Star

So, naturally you're wondering who this smoldering star in Godzilla is. I'm not talking about that lizard monster (although he does indeed smolder, but in a completely different way — like in the "I'm gonna crush stuff up" kinda way), but I'm talking about an actual guy. You're probably wondering, "who is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?" Well, we'll fill you in on the English actor, who plays Lieutenant Brody, because after all, his career is bound to reach new heights after starring in this blockbuster.

Taylor-Johnson is actually pretty young. In fact, he's only 23. Yup — you read that correctly. He'll celebrate his 24th birthday on June 13.

You probably recognize the actor from the Kick-Ass franchise; he played the titular ass-kicking superhero, and even voiced the character in the video game. But he was even younger then! My, how he's changed since his younger days.

He's appeared in a slew of other things, as he's been acting since he was a kid. He appeared in Albert Nobbs in 2011, and he also had roles in some British movies and television shows, like the TV series, Talk To Me, and Nearly Famous, which was about a performing arts high school. Like Fame... but not. He also had a role in Shanghai Knights alongside Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan, too. But now with a starring role in Godzilla, it looks like the game is changing.

In fact, in 2015, he'll be in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as Pietro Maximoff, and it's rumored that he'll appear in Fifty Shades of Grey .

But sorry ladies! If you're interested, bad news: he's actually married. Yup, and he also has two kids. He married his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson, back in 2012. And who is his 47-year-old wife? She's the director of Fifty Shades of Grey .

You can certainly expect more of Taylor-Johnson; he'll become a household name pretty soon. That's what fighting lizard monsters in big movies (and being a super talented, ass-kicking actor) does for ya.