LA Man Rents Billboards to Express Amazing Belief That Goop's Divorce Will Cause Your Divorce — PHOTOS

Here's something you probably didn't expect to hear today: The Society for the Prevention of Celebrity Divorce is a thing that actually exists and it blames Goop for the nation's divorces. Allow me to explain. A Los Angeles man posted ads on a bunch of billboards urging celebs to not get divorced. Oh, and he rented space on a couple buses too. The man, J. Robert Butler is on a mission to "eradicate celebrity divorce in our lifetime" which, really, is quite a confusing statement seeing as Butler appears to be about 40 years older than me. Point is, this guy doesn't like celebrities getting divorced because he believes it influences the rest of us to go wild with our own separations.

Fueled by equal parts love for the sanctity of marriage and a personal story involving his daughter's divorce, Butler started his organization this year and funds it himself. As LAist pointed out, he may very well be the only member. Bulter explained his concern with divorce writing, "Just last year my daughter told me that after three years of marriage, she and her husband were divorcing. This broke my heart. And I believe the high rate of celebrity divorce influenced her, just as it has influenced so many others."

While Butler hates celebrity divorce, he seems to be on top of his pop culture knowledge. His billboards make references to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and reality TV in general. In their defense, I've gotta say that this can't be Paltrow and Martin's fault. They only consciously uncoupled about a month ago and divorce rates have been high for long before that.

Check out Bulter's billboards for yourself:

As for what Bulter hopes will happen with the billboards, he writes, "Will they have the desired effect and inspire celebrity couples to stay together? We pray they will, because the price of renting billboard space is high…but not nearly as devastatingly high as the price of losing a marriage."

This really sounds like a joke, but Butler doesn't seem to be messing around. He wants rich and famous people in unhealthy relationships to stick together no matter how much it sucks and he's working to achieve his goal one punny billboard at a time!

Image: Famously/Twitter