The Coen Brothers Have A New Movie Coming Out About 1950s Hollywood Fixers

Drumroll please; it looks like the Coen brother's next project is called Hail Caesar , and it's about old-time 1950s Hollywood (love those period costumes). The last few movies by this sibling duo have been pretty stellar — Inside Llewyn Davis was critically hailed, and No Country For Old Men won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Writing and Best Directing, and who can forget that 'man of constant sorrows,' played by George Clooney in O Brother, Where Art Thou? So that just makes us wonder — what's this new movie going to be about?

This movie is about about a Hollywood fixer; in other words, someone who protected stars' squeaky-clean images back in the day. Imagine that! A world in which we wouldn't know that Lindsay Lohan was struggling, and we just focused on her films. (Dream big, America.) She'd still be a star. Ah, perhaps that's why those days were the good old days.

But fixers went to great lengths to protect their stars — internal security, pay-outs, you name it. If folks found out what was truly under wraps, it could turn out pretty scandalous. So we've got a movie that centers on some behind-the-scenes stuff, in another time period, with a flustered moral compass. Sounds pretty good, right?

It's pretty thought provoking, since it's such a far cry from the world in which we live today, where social media and tabloids can run someone's career down in a heartbeat. It almost seems as though publicists attempt conjure up scandal these days, rather than virulently attempt to hide it.

This throwback to those good old days — which of course, had lengthy amounts of scandals (look no further than the possible subject of the movie, the famed Hollywood fixer, Eddie Mannix, who may or may not have killed actor George Reeves) helmed with the Coen brother's Oscar winning signature offbeat style, is sure to be pretty great. And oh man — that soundtrack will probably be even better.