Pamela Anderson's Sexual Abuse Story Has a Happy Ending, But What Got Her Through?

This celebrity made a shocking announcement that's both sad and unsettling: Pamela Anderson was a sexual abuse victim, and she opened up about it at the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which advocates animal rights. The star's story is heartbreaking, and what's even more heartbreaking is how long it took her to come forward about it, which serves as a reminder to us all that there are many women who are victims who are struggling to open up what has happened to them.

Anderson spoke about her sad, and unfortunately repeated, history at the Cannes Film Festival's event for her foundation:

Sadly, all of this continued. After she was gang-raped by a boyfriend and six of his cohorts, she admitted that she "wanted off this earth" — but something helped her. Her love of animals helped her pull through, and ultimately saved her, which explains why she chose to speak up about this history at the launch of her organization.

She went on to say:

It's devastating to hear that a woman who seems to be so confident was plagued with such trauma for so long, but it's encouraging to hear that she found something to help her feel as though she could heal and that she was able to break her silence.