Katherine Heigl's A Country Crooner in 'Your Right Mind', Will She Win us Over?

So, here's a comeback that some people may have asked for and others may not have not asked for at all. Whatever you wished or didn't wish, it's happening anyway. We now know that Katherine Heigl will star in Your Right Mind as a country singer who is fighting so that she can have custody of her daughter. So not only are we having a Heigl Renaissance...but she's going to...sing? Whoah, hold up. This is a whole lot to handle. Variety already posted a pic of the actress in full-on country garb (ie: plaid), so we know this is like, a fully committed Heigl-aissance.

And by "Heigl-assiance," this is legit: it's a full-on Heigl renaissance. She's also going to be starring in the NBC show, State of Affairs . A movie and a TV show?! Perhaps she's trying to take back her stake in Hollywood, before folks didn't like her for a gamut of reasons, like how she's mean to people on Grey's Anatomy and was difficult on the set of Knocked Up. She sues Duane Reade — those pharmaceutical folks, I tell you! But if she does a good job with this new television show, she could prove that there was a good enough reason for her to return to TV. So why not up the ante with a movie? WITH SINGING?!?! In plaid?!

So maybe with Your Right Mind and State of Affairs, this Heigl-assiance could actually prove to be successful. Maybe we'll give you another chance, Heigl. Maybe. But your singing chops may have to prove themselves first.