Lorde: Making Bird-Chic Look Amazing

I am, of course, completely on Team Lorde. I thought her dip-dyed fingertips at the 2014 Grammys were amazing. She's convinced me to continue wearing dark purple lipstick well into the summertime with her MAC collection. And now, she's managed to make feather-clad sleeves look completely glamorous.

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards red carpet was covered in incredibly stunning gowns this year, and Lorde's ensemble is no exception. If you said, "Yeah, and the sleeves are made out of feathers!" of course something absolutely bonkers would come to mind. But the 17-year-old brooding songstress pulls the look off flawlessly, pairing it with her signature violet lippy and slick, straight hair. Does this mean we all have to try to make eagle-chic a thing now? I'm sensing many disastrous wardrobe choices in my future.

Lorde's bestie and sometimes style advisor Taylor Swift was notably missing from the carpet, so no word on if they're coordinated their looks for the BBMAs just yet. Hopefully Swifty goes for an equally as avian-inspired outfit.

Image: Instagram/@lordemusic